Monday, 24 September 2012

Business Workshop

On Friday we attended the first of three workshops organized by our Mini Company Teachers at Odeon Cinema in Naas. We attended the workshop with 3 other schools from Kildare. The workshop was presented by a lady called Orla who gave us ways of coming up with ideas for our Mini companies. She showed us some of the winning companies from past years which was very interesting to see the ideas they came up with. She also taught us about working in a team and the roles that must be undertaken. After our teachers kindly brought us to Lidl in Clane! ;) We couldn't stop laughing as the 80 of us walked through the door. Using loose change from the bottom of our bags, we bought the cheapest sweets we could find! :) lol 

When we got home we were just in time for Junk Kouture in Home Ec. Our outfits are really beginning to take shape! I can't wait to see everyone's finished product! 

Today we all finalist our ideas for the Young Scientist with our Science teachers. We will be working hard over the next week in order to finish our proposals which are due next week!

This week is also our first week of work experience hopefully all goes well for everyone.

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