Thursday, 20 September 2012

Workshop Wednesday Week 2

Today we had our second Wednesday of organized activities. Once again we had three workshops.The first was with our Guidance Concealer Ms. H. She made sure that everyone was completely organized with their work experience. She also gave us some advice on what we should do in certain situations if they are to arise. After the workshop I felt more confident about going on work experience as I kind of knew what to expect.

Our second workshop was with Austin.  Everyone had to pick up 8 different coloured flash cards. On each card there was a sentence to summarize the type of person you are, e.g. "Is always thinking of others". Therefore, you choose 8 cards that suit your personality the best. We then were divided into four groups depending on the colour of the cards that we choose. Each colour represented a type of personality. Then Austin talked about what each person with that type of personality is best at. He discussed with us how different people can mask there true personality also. Overall the workshop was absolutely excellent. I definitely learned a lot about the different types of people/personalities in the world.

Our third and final workshop was a Positive Party! We not only had a great time messing around with each other in the masks that Denise brought for us, we also learned about how to interact with people in the work place. She spoke to us about building re-pore with our employers, she also spoke to us about how we should great our employers and our co-workers.

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