Thursday, 10 January 2013

BT Young Scientist Excibition

Today all TY's and Second Years went to the RDS to visit the BT Young Scientist Exhibition  One group from our year got through to the exhibition  Their project was about "how school bags effect the back, shoulders and neck". There project was very interesting and they put in so much work into it! 

One thing every teenager loves to do at the YS is to collect as much free stuff as you can at the stalls at the back of the exhibition! We gathered everything from pens and pencils to stress balls, to rulers and much more. The Young Scientist also has loads of interactive games to play as well. I took part in a game called the 6th Dragon. It was based on the Irish Television series, Dragons Den. There were 4 players and each player had an iPad to work on. The Bank of Ireland staff member then played a clip of 1 person pitching their idea to the dragons. I then had to guess whether the dragons would invest or not into the company and what percentage of the company would they like. It was really fun to play. 

Later on, 6 of us attended a drumming workshop! There were a few other primary schools doing it with us. We each had one instrument to play on and we swapped instruments a few times to get a flavor of each. It was so much fun and the guy running it was so funny and energetic, which made it even more enjoyable! Today was a really good  TY trip! :) Thanks to the science teachers for bringing us! 

Wishing to apply to the BT Young Scientist Next year?... Find out all you need to know here.

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