Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cassette tape Art

As our Junk Kouture project is over we are currently working on our cassette tape art. (What's Junk Kouture?... check it out here!) We each had to choose a famous person to draw and we changed the image of the person into a black and white image. For example; I choose Marilyn Monroe. I picked my favorite picture of her and then copied it ad edited it on Pixlr, an online photo-editing/Photoshop tool. I then printed off the image which turned out like so: 

We then had to draw out our selected images onto a larger A2 sheet of paper. However we only shadded in the dark parts of the drawing. She was actually quite difficult to draw because she had blond hair which is hard to shade in. But this is what it turned out like:

The next step is to start sticking on the cassette tapes onto the paper using PVA glue. It can by quite hard to stick the tape to the paper and it is also a very time consuming process. To cut the tape we use scalpels and a cutting pad which look lie this: 

Our portraits are coming along nicely and we hope to finish them within the next 3 weeks.
here is an example of a professional Marilyn Monroe cassette tape portrait. 

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  1. This is great Katie :) Can't wait to see the finishing pieces!