Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Yesturday was another major date in the TY's calender. It was the presentation of our Mini Companies to the judges. All 14 Mini Companies set up their stands and displays in the has of the judges to see. At aroun 9:30 the judges arrived and had a quick look around all of the stands and each company gave them a brief idea of  what their company was about. When they came to us we showed them how our app would work and the layout of it. 

After a short break the presentations began. Each company went up one by one to present to the judges. The judges seemed very interested in our product and we thought that they like our idea but they did ask us how was our app different from existing sporting apps. 

Later, the awards were presented to some of the companies. We were delighted to accept the Best Business Report Award. The judges also announced the 4 finalists who would be shortlisted for the regional finials. Unfortunatly we didn't get through but the 4 other teams defiantly deserved their place. 

Here is our stand on the day, we also choose to dress up in the 4 sports that we choose to write about:;Hockey, Camogie, gealic And horse riding. 

A third year student wondering what Mini Company will be like next year?... Click here for more information on the Kildare Enterprise awards. 

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