Wednesday, 9 January 2013

hi-ho hi-oh, It's Off to Work We Go!

This week we started our second work experience which will we take place over the coarse of the next eight Wednesdays. For my second work experience I am in the Chemistry department at Maynooth Collage. Luckily another girl from my class, Ruth is doing it with me! 

As most of the students are sitting their exams at the moment the collage was very quite. This morning Ruth and I did some office work and later we measured out different chemicals in the lab. We get to wear cool lab coats and glasses, a bit nicer then the ones at school may I add. In the afternoon Ria demonstrated how to make soap, one of the mandatory experiments on the Leaving Cert coarse. Afterwards, we each got to the do the experiment individually.  It turned out really well and made bubbles when mixed with water. I was actually very surprised at how much I understood what was going on in the experiment. 

Next week the collage is running a Leaving Cert revision coarse on all of the Chemistry experiements. there will be a number of schools in the labs running the experiments. Therefore next week Ruth and I will get to do experiments all day! YAY! 

So far I am really enjoying my Work Experience and really like my supervisors Ken and Ria. I can't wait for next week now :) 

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