Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Carol Service

Today we had our annual carol serve to mark the end of our first term of this school year. It  is a tradition in St. Wolstan's for the entire school to gather in the hall and listen to Christmas choirs played by both the orchestra and trad group and also listen to some of the Christmas classics snug by the choir. A student from each year also read a small extract. The music department and Mr. K went to great trouble in order to make the choir service a success, and indeed it was!

During the Choir service our former Year Head Ms. H, gave out certificates to some of the students from TY and Fifth year (last years third years) for receiving excellent results in their Junior Cert. I was delighted to receive my cert! Afterwards we stayed back and got our photo taken by the Liffey Champion. Well done everybody :) 

Check out the latest event taking place at St. Wolstan's here.

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