Friday, 7 December 2012

Final Mini Company Workshop

This week we attended our final Mini Company workshop at the Odeon cinema in Newbridge. As usual Orla  was presenting the workshop. This work shop was a lot more involve as Orla went around to nearly each mini company and asked how each company was doing and what the financial side of things were looking like. unfortunately Orla did get a chance to come to our group at the lunch break we got to have a quick chat with her about how we were getting on. She was very impressed by our idea which is a Sports Skills app. She also informed us that there were very few apps in the competition there fore we had a good chance! 

Later, Orla spoke to us about the importance of developing a business relationship with people and how to work as a team in order to reach your goal. Orla then showed us a DVD on how we should act around people in a business internment. 

Afterwards we got to look around WhiteWater  however my friends and I just went straight to get food at Ginzeng. I was delicious! ;) 

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