Thursday, 20 December 2012


As there is only 5 Christmas exams for TY's, Ms. L decided to have a party and bring us bowling for our last day because were such good girls! ;) 

This morning all TY's went to the library for our Christmas party hosted by Class Cairdeas. There were all sorts of cakes and goodies to eat! Towards the end of the party we all put our Kris Kindle presents into a Santa sack. Then Aisling, dressed as Santa distributed all of the presents. There were smiles all round! We also all joined in on the Cha-cha slide and Gangnam Style!

After, we headed straight to Kbowl in Newbridge. It took a while to organize all of the teams and lanes but eventually we were all set! Afterwards we were aloud to go to WhiteWater in Newbridge to do some shopping or just eat! haha

Today was a great  to finish off our first term in TY. It was nice to have a little treat after our Christmas tests. I think everyone is really excited for Christmas now, and I hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas! Talk soon :) 

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