Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fun walk/ Friendship Week

Fun Walk

Yesterday St. Wolstan's had their annual fun walk! This event is one of the major events that take place in Wolstan's during the year. As per usual each year was given a colour, then each base class had to think of a theme, song, and dance to do with friendship. 
Our lovely lego costumes! 

1st years - Pink,     
2nd years- Purple     
3rd years - Green  
TY's - Yellow
5th years - Blue
6th years - Black and White

My class, Síocháin, dress up as Yellow Lego because Lego always sticks together just like friends! ;) The song that we danced to was Hey Ya, not a song really to do with friendship ;)  However it was very upbeat and lively and everyone had a good laugh which was the main thing! I really enjoyed watch the other classes in the school some classes came up with very innovative ideas! 

This year my class had  to stay at different crossing points along the walk to help people cross the road, you know just in case no-one got knocked down or anything ;) Chanice, Orla, Alanna and I had a great system going with Ms. W, while of corse singing the safe cross code.

Friendship Week 

Educating Essex


Over the past few Religion classes we have been learning about bullying and how important it is to treat everyone equally. We're watching the channel 4 show Educating Essex. It's about a school, in Essex, that deals with all kinds of problems. We watched the bullying episode. The show focuses on two very different students. Gabby who is the head girl  and Sam who doesn't take school to seriously. Both are victims of bullying in different ways. I thought that the program showed people that anyone can be a bully and anyone can be the victim of the bullying. I really enjoyed watching Educating Essex, I think it is a great show and surprisingly did educate us. 


In English we look at some friendship quotes we even made up our own in groups. This is our wonderful quote:

"Friendship is a must,
A mutual bond built on trust,
When with friends you feel like royalty, 
Being accompanied by their loyalty."

These are some of favorite friendship quotes; 

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