Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Up and coming fashion designers!

It's now six weeks into our Junk Kouture project and we are making great progress. Our theme is Powerful Greek Goddesses and the Goddess we choose is Medusa. We plan to make a large snake covered in CD's that will be raped around the modal; we also plan to make great headpiece out of tapes from old videos to give the outfit that mysteries look. So far we have completed the paper mache for the bodes and have stuck on the center of the CD's onto the bottom of the bodes. I collected over a 100 CD's from my friends and family and then cut them all up into smaller pieces. At present we are drilling the holes in the CD's so that we are able to sow them onto the material which will be wrapped around the dress. We are also dismantling old electrical equipment; we will use some of the electrical components and wires to add some detail to the dress. Hopefully after the midterm we will start to make significant progress and everything will start to come together. 

You can look at what all of the other TY Junk Kouture groups are up to by clicking on the link bellow to the  TY art blog. 

Here are just some pictures of what some of the winning costumes looked like from last year ( We have a lot to live up to) :

Dress made out of Orange peelings
Lady Data
Here's a link to the Junk Kouture offical website if you want to take a look:

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