Friday, 12 October 2012

TY is no Doss Year ;)


We have just finished giving our individual presentations on our life, our school and the sports we are interested in through Irish. We are now working on debates as Gaeilge! I won't lie it is a bit of a challenge but of coarse we TY's are up for it! 


For the past month we have been studying different movies in Spanish. WE all picked our favorite film and wrote a summary of it in Spanish! If you want to have a look at them they are all hanging up beautifully at the back of Ms. M Spanish room ;) We also just finished the movie we have been watching since the beginning of the year - El Bola. Here's a link to the plot summary.


Over the coarse of the last few weeks we have been looking at the different forms of governments in other countries at different periods in history. although it may seem a little boring it actually is really interesting. Some of the forms of governments in the past were absolutely outrageous and no citizens had a say in how their country was governed! We should be doing a write up soon ;) 


Since September we have been studying chemistry in science. we have been up to all sorts of weird and wacky science experiments including turning a copper coin gold ;) We made a volcano out of bread soda and vinegar. We also did a titration experiment! We are now currently working on a poster about the periodic table.


We have just finished presenting our power point presentations on the millennium development goals in class. My group had goal four on child mortality. I found the project really interesting and I was also surprised at how much they have achieved so far. We are now look up dramas that we could act out in class! this should be really fun :)


We are still learning how to play the guitar at the moment! So far we have 5 chords under our belts! We are also doing a lot of singing in class and finding out which rage suits our voice best. We have just finished learning "Say a little prayer for you" by Aretha Franklin.



We have been working on algebra mostly for this month. We recently did a project on a famous mathematician. I did mine on Leonardo da Vinci! When I was researching him I found him particularly interesting as he linked maths into art by using perspective. Before I was unaware of the link between the two!


At present we are preparing our debates for Monday! I have never taken part in a debate so it is a new experience for me. 


My fish key ring
Over the last two months we have completed a lot of practical work. So far I have made a keyring in the shape of a fish and a clock in the shape of a star! This year Mr. W aloud me to come up with some of my own designs as I did tech for my Junior Cert. I also get to help out with other girls in the class who have never done tech before! Tech is by far my favorite subject and we always have a good chat with Mr. W. 

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