Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What we've been up to in Choir and Orchestra


At the moment there are no up coming school masses which means that we can focus most of our time on the piece we are entering into the Wesley choir competition. The song we are learning is called "Caresse sur l'ocean." It is a bit difficult to learn as it is in French but we are eventually getting our heads around it and putting in the extra practice when we can after school! To date we have learned as far as the end of the first section. :) Here's just a little clip of what it should sound like in the end.


We have just begun learning our new piece which is called "Toy Symphony".  I  am playing the piano part. I believe that the piece will sound pretty impressive once it is finished as there are a lot of people on percussion which add and enhance the sound of the orchestra.  Here's what it should sound like once we are finished (we are only playing the second and final movement) :

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