Friday, 19 October 2012

The future scientists!

Young Scientist 

At the beginning of October we all sent in our young scientist proposals for judging. I am doing my project with Ruth, our project is to carry out research on the shelf life of milk. We plan to investigate how long it takes milk to “go off” when it is exposed to different temperature and storage conditions. We will then compare our findings to the shelf life that is determined by the milk producers. We chose to investigate milk as it is a common beverage that is used in nearly every household. Everyone has  had  an experience of milk turning sour, often before the best before date. We want to find out what is the best way to avoid this happening. The tests that we intend to carry out are :
  1. To investigate whether plastic, cardboard or glass has an effect on the shelf life of the milk, i.e. the containers. 
  2. To find out how long it takes for milk to turn acidic, i.e. produce a lactic acid when stored at different temperatures.
We will soon be finding out whether we got through to the BT science exhibition in January. Hopefully we got in, fingers-crossed! :)  However, we will be entering Sci-fest also later on in the year.

If anyone is considering entering for next year here's the link to the website:

Here is a link to the sci-fest website:

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