Thursday, 21 February 2013

Becoming Gardeners

As part of our Bio-Diversity project in green schools we have to improve the gardens and habits within our school environment. Today we started planting seeds of pup-kens, herds, fruits and vegetables  We planted the majority of the seed in small grown pots or trays. Once the plants begin to grow more we will transfer them to bigger pots and move them out to the glass house in the court-yard at school. However, it is too cold to put them out there get so we are keeping them in Mr. K class room, the Biology lab. 

It's fair to say that everyone involved were very excited about starting our new plants for our glass house. There was soil everywhere!! I took some pictures today to show you what they all look like :) 

Do you want to know more about Bio-diversity? Click here for more information.

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