Friday, 22 February 2013

Lollipop Day

Today all TY's and LCVP students traveled into town at 9:15 this morning. We first walked to the Powerscoart center to collect our t-shirts, caps, collection buckets, lollipops and balloons.  We then split up into our groups of 4 and went to our collection points doted around the city center. 

Alanna, Orla, Orlaith and myself were at Temple Bar at the Hay Penny bridge. Besides the freezing cold, we really enjoyed ourselves! :) We found that people were particularly generous and interested in what we were collecting  for which was in aid of Oesphagel Cancer. People donated €2 and we gave them a badge or lollipop to show our appreciation to their donation. 

We got to go out for lunch in twos for an hour during the day. I think Orla and I were happier about getting into the heat! ;) We had a walk up Grafton Street as well, and the atmosphere was amazing some girls were even dancing along with the buskers to raise money for this worth-while charity! 

The aim of today was to raise money for the Oesphagel cancer fund and also raise awarness of the symptoms of the cancer which are:

  1. Food 'catching' with swallow.
  2. Unexpected weight loss.
  3. A change in your reflux symptoms. 
Click here to visit their website and find out more.


  1. Lollipop Day was a great day,I really enjoyed it too,was for a very worthy cause!

  2. I really enjoyed this day too, it was great to raise money and awareness about oesphagel cancer! Everyone was so generous :)