Thursday, 28 February 2013

West Leinster Cross Country Race

Today 10 Ty's traveled to the Phoxic Park for the West Leinster cross-country Competition along with the St. Wolstan's cross-country team and our 2 P.E. teachers, Mr. L and Mrs. O'C. The competition was run by our P.E. teachers and they asked us to come along to help them organise the event. Over the past week Alanna, Liz and I have been organizing the entries, directions, score cards and numbers for each race. 

Overall best girls team 
Today we were each in charge of one job for the day. Orlaith and I had to take the names of the first three runners from every race and present them with their medal at the end. While other TY's gave runners stickers for their position in the race, mapped out the coarse and worked on tallying up all of the scores at the end. 

St. Wolstan's had a very successful day, winning best overall girls School! So well done to all the runners in St. Wolstan's! :)  And of coarse a day out would not be complete without a trip to Mc Donald's!  Everyone got a take away meal and ate their lunch in the hall back at school and played some ping pong afterwards! Thanks to Mr. L and Ms. O'C for bringing us today it was enjoyed by all.

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