Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sci-fest Results

This week we finished up our Sci-fest project and these are the results Ruth and I found. 

Test One 

Which milk container keeps the milk freshest for the longest

pH 1 = Cardboard Container
pH 2 = Glass Container
pH 3 = plastic Container

Test two

To investigate at what temperature condition milk stays freshest for the longest.

pH 1 = Oven (40 degrees)
pH 2 = Fridge (4.6 degrees)
pH 3 = Room Temperature (21.5 degrees)

Test three

What type of milk stays freshest for the longest; full fat, low fat, fortified 

pH 1 = Full fat milk
pH 2 = Low fat Milk
pH 3 = Fortified Milk

You can check out more what we did on our project on my Sci-fest Page
Also have a look at the Sci-fest website for more information on the competition.

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