Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bond, James Bond!!

Today we traveled  to Odeon cinema in Naas for our second mini company workshop. However, when we arrived we got news that our presenter, Orla was ill and the workshop would not be going ahead. So instead the staff decided that we could watch the new James Bond film "Skyfall"!! The shouts and screams let out by everyone was unreal! We all couldn't believe it and we were so excited. It's fair to say everyone got really into the film as-well, like clapping when Bond killed the villain! :D

Afterwards we were greeted with another present surprise.... everyone got a goodie bag with popcorn, sweets, a drink and a Madagascar cup! ;) It amazing how excited TY's get with free stuff! ;) Today was defiantly one of the best days of TY so far!! :) Thanks to the business teachers for bring us today it was truly enjoyed by all.

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