Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rápido y Furioso

This year in technology everyone must enter the formula 1 racing competition called "F1 in Schools". Everyone is in either a group of 5 or 6 people. Within every group there are different roles allocated to each person. These include; Managing director, Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Resources Manager and Marketing Manager. There are five members in my team. Our team name is Rapido y Furioso and my role in the group is the team manager. Our name means Fast and Furious in Spanish! We choose to use a graffiti background to match some of the streets in Spain. 

This is our portfolio cover
Each group has to research into the factors that can influence the design of the car. The design engineer then has to come up with a design that satisfies all  requirements. The team also has to write up their plan or strategy for advertising, marketing, fundraising, and sponsorship. All of this information is then compiled into one portfolio which we will send in on Friday. Only 2 teams out of our entire year with qualify for the next round, so fingers crossed!  

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