Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gaisce - The President's Award

This year all TY's were given the opportunity to participate in the Gaisce Bronze Award or the The President's Award. Each individual must choose a Community Involvement Activity, a Personal Skill Activity and a Physical Recreation Activity. Each student must spend one hour on each activity every week for 13 weeks. You must also choose one of your three activities to extend for a further 13 weeks. So, for my Community Involvement Activity I will be supervising the Homework Club after school for 13 weeks. I love working with computers therefore, for my Personal Skill Activity I will be taking an online computer typing coarse for 13 weeks. And finally, I will use one of my swimming sessions as for my Physical Skill Activity and my Additional Activity for 26 weeks.

As part of the Gaisce Bronze award each student must partake in the Gaisce Adventure Challenge, a mandatory part of the award. This challenge involves a 25k hike over a 48 hour period.  Ms. Mc G has organised for us to stay at the Kippure Adventure Centre in Co. Wicklow when our hike will take place in April. We are already looking forward to it! 

If you would like to find out more on Gaisce check out their website here.

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