Friday, 23 November 2012

Simon Community Talk

This year as part of our religion coarse we are writing and preforming our own dramas on issues that we have a particular interest in. My groups drama is about the effects that war has on all sorts of different people. This week Rósin wrote the first part of the script and we had our first sort of rehearsal today in religion. I am playing the role of the killer who was reluctant to actually kill another soldier on the opposition. I am really look forward to seeing how our entire play turns out. We have to act out an actual war so we're buying fake blood, toy guns and adding some cool sound effects! Should turn out pretty impressive ;) 

The other group in my class are preforming their drama on homelessness. So as part of their 'research' they or organised a talk from our Art teacher Ms. O'S on the work she did with Simon Community. She spoke to us about the different projects she worked on and how they tied in with art. I found the talk really interesting and made me realize that I really want to get involved in Volunteering work when I'm older. Thanks to Ms. O'S for giving us the talk yesterday. 

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