Monday, 5 November 2012

Green schools

This year I decided to join the Green Schools committee. We meet up once a week on a Monday at lunch time to discuss different ideas that could be used and implemented in order to maintain our three green flags and also work towards securing a fourth green flag for Bio-diversity.

Within the green committee we are divided up into different groups . Each group as one role or task that they must carry out. For example, I am part of the Recycling/Bins group. Each week we look at the contents of different bins throughout the school and calculate the amount of waste in a particular bin. Ruth and I are in charge of checking the 5 recycling bins for cans around the school each week. This data we then be complied with the other bins such as paper and plastic in order to create a chart to show the results.

Towards the end of our weekly meetings we have a discussion on what actions we could put in order to achieve a fourth green flag for the school. So far there are talks of a garden in the school and setting up bird feeders in the courtyard, nothing is official at the moment but watch this space! ;)

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