Tuesday, 20 November 2012

D.E.A.R. Moment

This year the school library is no longer being used as a classroom, therefore it has had a complete make over. Towards the beginning of this year my class carried out survey's in English with Ms. W on 3 students from every class in the whole school. We asked them who their favorite author was, what were their favorite reads of all time were and what new books they would like to see in the school library. Once we got all of our results back we analysed them and made a list of new books that need to be ordered in for the library. 

Before the open day at school, under the instruction of the new full time librarian, the library committee worked on laying out all of the new books. Our English class also wrote up reviews on different books to decorate the walls. The library is also newly refurbished with cool single desks scattered around the room which looks really well.

Today our English teacher Ms. O'R brought us to the library during English class for a D.E.A.R moment. ( A Drop Everything And Read moment!) It was actually really relaxing just to sit down for like 40 minutes and read in silence. Afterwards loads of girls opened their first library account and took out a book they were interested in reading , including myself. I think D.E.A.R. moments are a really good idea and I hope we get to do more of them in the future. 

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