Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Say Cheese! :D

Here is an example of light photography,
however ours weren't as good as this! ;)
This year Ms. O'S set up a new photography club after school every Thursday. There are 15 girls from TY and 5th Year in the club including me. So far we have learnt lots of new and interesting techniques. The first few weeks Ms. explained the basics of taking a good photograph. We each learnt how to use certain settings on our own individual cameras which could be used in order to take a good photograph.

Ms. also introduced us to light photography which was actually so much fun!It gave us the  the opportunity to create unusual images and show our artistic flare. Light photography is basically drawing an image using a torch or a light  while working in complete darkness. It can sometimes be difficult in creating the image and it takes a few practice runs, but it is defiantly worth it. 

The end result! 
Over the past three weeks we have been working on our Avatar! ;) We are using an online programme called pixlr (very like photoshop) and changing a normal picture into an Avatar type picture. We follow an online tutorial in order to create our Avatars. 

Here's the link to the online tutorial if anyone would like to give it a shot:

And here is the link to the Pixlr website:

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