Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bye,Bye Work Exp. #2

Well, today was our last day of our second work experience placement. I was in the chemistry lab in Maynooth for the past 8 weeks. I really enjoyed my time there and learnt a great deal about Science and Chemistry in particular! ( obviously ;) ) 

This work experience has shown me how much I want to do Chemistry for my Leaving Cert. I found this placement very helpful as there were ongoing leaving cert revision coarse which I got to sit in on. 

During my placement I had the opportunity to attend a lecture on the possible jobs that are available to students who study chemistry at third level. I found this really useful as I have no idea of what coarse I would like to study in the future.  

I also got the chance to sit in on a real chemistry lecture. Although it was quite difficult to understand, I found I very interesting to see what a lecture was actually like. 

I sent most of my time in the lab for the duration of the 8 weeks. I learnt loads of new skills, techniques and  experiments. 

From this work placement I have learnt that I would really like to pursuer a career in the area of Science and maybe even in Chemistry. 

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