Friday, 22 March 2013

St Wolstan's Annual Music Night

On thursday evening St. Wolstan’s held its annual Music night to showcase all of the work done by the  music department. This year all TY have one class of music each week. So far this year we have learnt around 8 new chords on the guitar, three songs on the piano and have sung an endless list of songs throughout the year.

On music night each TY class preformed a medley of songs for the audience. Class Síocháin preformed our version of Hoy hey by the Luminers, The hall of fame by The Script and I follow rivers by Lyki Li. We had all sorts of musical instruments in our performance including the guitar, piano, ucalaly, bongos, tambourine and most importantly the triangle! We really enjoyed our performance and felt it went really well. It was defiantly worth all our hard work and weeks of preparation.

Class Cinealtas also delived a brilliant version of an Ed Sheeran medley, and class Cairdeas gave a very lively performance of their version of Hello.

Most of the TY's including myself also sang with the choir on the night. We preformed our competition piece from the Wesley School coir competition, Caresse Sur L'ocean. It was great to show all of the parents and staff what we had been working on all year after school.

I really enjoyed the night overall and also had a great time "backstage" with everyone! :)

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