Friday, 1 March 2013

Sci-fest Presentations

Today was another busy day for all TY's. All transition year groups and some 2nd year groups had to present their Sci-fest projects and ideas to the judges. This round is known at Si-fest at schools and is the first round of the national Sci-fest competition. 

Our poster
From 9:00 to 9:45 all students set up their stands and posters for judging. Altogether there was about 32 projects displayed in the hall. Then, around 10 o'clock some of the judges began to arrive. Each of the four judges went around individually and interviewed the students and asked them more about their projects. 

My groups project was An investigation the methods of extending the shelf -life of milk. We carried out three main tests;

  1. Which milk container keeps the milk freshest for the longest
  2. To compare what type of milk stays freshest for the longest; full fat, low fat and fortified
  3. To investigate at what temperature condition milk stays freshest for the longest.
Our report
Most of the judges thought our project was a very clever and straight-forward idea. The liked how we had very accurate results from using the data logger and Ph probes and we interested to see what we would do next if were to progress further in the competition. If you wish to find out more about ou sci-fest project visit here.

Today some of the TY's students also had to go to the Wesley school choir competition, therefore we weren't back on time for the results. However,  Ruth and I got word from other TY students, that our project was placed 1st overall which was a big surprise for us both!! We are really please and can't wait for the second round of the competition; Sci-fest at Collage. 9 Other groups also got through which is great news for St. Wolstan's! Today was a very busy day but it all paid off!

If you wish to find out more about the competition and interested in entering it next year, click here for more information.

here are some other posters and projects from the day:


  1. Congratulations on getting through to the next round of scifest! I have read all about your project it sounds really interesting, well done ;)

  2. Thank you Alanna, I thought your project was excellent as well and found it really interesting.