Thursday, 7 March 2013

Intel Workshop

Today all TY's traveled to Trinity College of a workshop and lecture on Intel and about studying science coarse for the leaving Cert. 

We started of the day with a sort of speed dating section in groups of four's with an Intel worker. They gave us an introduction into what thy do in Intel and what they studied for the Leaving Cert and at Third level. They asked us what we were planning on studying for the Leaving cert and what sort of career we would like to go into in the future. They also gave us some advise on what are the best coarse to study at third level. 

Afterwards everyone got a small lunch bag with sandwiches and popcorn and a drink before moving onto the last part of the workshop.

Once we had finished eating we made our way to the auditorium for a talk with 2 Intel representatives on what Intel actually is all about ad the future of technology and science for males and females. 

Here is a video on what it is like inside the Intel fab:

We also learnt about the typical working day of an Intel worker and what it entails. We also learnt about the new and up coming move "Girl Rising", which is about girls in third world countries fighting for their right to an education. 

Here is the trailer for the movie the Girl Rising: 

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