Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Spider Awards

Today, Ms. L, 3 fifth years, 2 TY's and I caught an early mini bus to the RDS for the Eircom Junior Spider Awards. There was huge excitement between us all. I won't lie, we did get a bit lost but when we finally got into the RDS we began setting up our display stand. Each website or blog had to have its own display poster representing what their website was about. My blog "Katie's Thought's" was nominated for a Junior Spider Award, therefore I had to design and make a poster to represent the content of my blog.   My poster was a big mind-map of all of the events and memories of TY so far and how they all interlinked with one-another. 

Spin 1038!
There was a great buzz in the display room, with the Spin 1038 DJ's and Spinnies running loads of mini competitions and giving away free prizes! There were also a good few primary school children running around and giving out free sweets, what more could you ask for?! :) 

After about 3 hours of looking at displays and everything, Spin packed up and we all had a free lunch! Happy out! :) Once we were all finished everyone made their way into the Concert Hall for the Awards Ceremony.

For the first part of the Ceremony there was a show and a demonstration from the Comedian Jack Wise, who was hilarious getting both students and teachers up on stage! We tried to get Ms. L up but we weren't quick enough! :( 

After the show they moved on to the actually Awards Ceremony presented by Aidan Power. We found out more about the Spider Awards and their sponsors. Unfortunately my blog didn't win out of my category but it was amazing to be shortlisted in the first place! :) Ms. L's blog on their project on St. Bridget from last year won best project in the senior section! So well done to all involved and especially to Ms. L! Some of the winners had amazing websites and ideas. My favorite website was The Geek of Comedy by Lee-Loi Chieng! make sure you check it out! 

Today was absolutely fantastic, and was a great experience for me! We all walked away with a goody bag as well! Hopefully I might be back in the never future! 

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