Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mini pilgrimage, Bowling, Food ... :)

As it is the season of spring the time St Bridget  Mr. K organised for all TY's to go on a sort of mini pilgrimage to the famous sites of St. Bridget. 

To start off the day we watched a video in the heritage center in the main square in Kildare town. We learnt about St. Bridget's life and how she came to set up some of the presentation sister schools here in Ireland. We also learnt about the meaning of the St. Bridget cross and how it is made. 

Afterwards we crossed over to the far side of the square to visit the cathedral, her chamber of fire and the round tower. 

It is said if you walk round the round tower backwards 7 times you will dream of your future husband that night. Of coarse we all gave it a go anyway! 

Once we had finished up here we all hopped on the bus and drove to the famous St. Bridget's well. We prayed at each wishing stone and took part in the scarred walk around the well. 

At around lunchtime we went to White water in Newbridge on our way home to stop for food!! There was a mad dash for Genzenge as per usual, and once we were finished we all got on the bus and headed off to Kbowl. 

Everyone really enjoyed the day even though it was absolutely freezing for most of it. It was a great way to end Term 2 of Transition Year. ( Can't believe I just said that! TY is flying by!) 

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