Friday, 1 March 2013

Wesley School Choir Competition

Today was the day St. Wolstan's choir had been preparing for since the beginning of the school year. Today we were taking part in the Wesley school choir competition at Wesley collage Dublin. we were competing in the all girls school choir category along with 11 other choirs. The St. Wolstan's choir is open to all students in the school and currently ave 55 very committed members.

At around 3 we arrived at Wesley collage and we shown to our practice  room. We had a small rehearsal but was quite difficult as there was no piano to play the accompaniment, but we made do! :)

At around half 4 our competition was due to start and we were first up. We waited back stage until we were called. Our performance went really well and Fiona was brilliant on the piano. After our performance we went to the back of the hall to watch the remaining performances  Some schools were just outstanding and were note perfect. 

Once all the performances were over the results were announced straight away. Unfortunately we weren't placed, however we were recommended, which means we came 4th overall which was fantastic. We received an overall score of 82% which was just a few percent off the winners! Everyone was in great spirits on the way home sing loudly! Thanks to Ms. O'R and Ms. M for all there hard work and dedication to the choir for the year, and bring us to the competition. 


  1. It was great to perform at Wesley for the first time! I really enjoyed this too, everyone did it so well! Love the picture of the bus too, it was great fun singing on the way back!! ;) ;)

  2. Well done with the choir!seems like it was great fun!Best of luck tomorrow :)